What is port-centric logistics?
27 Oct

What is port-centric logistics?

Port-centric logistics is the term used describe logistics and distribution services based at the port where goods arrive. A brilliant alternative to inland depots and centrally located national distribution centres, port-centric logistics allow you to store your shipment at the port thus reducing the number of handling stages throughout your storage and distribution process, saving both time and money. Favoured by some the UK’s largest retailers such as Tesco and Asda, port-centric logistics is rapidly gaining popularity as businesses look for ways to streamline their supply chains and reduce their impact on the environment.

For many businesses, port-centric logistics aims to remove unnecessary freight miles. For example, if goods arrive at a port in the South, then travel to the distribution centre in the North, the goods essentially retrace their steps if they’re distributed to a customer based in the South. If the goods remain at the port they arrived in and get distributed from that same location you avoid any wasted freight miles – which is excellent for the company’s bottom line and also good news for the environment too.

As well as reducing costs, port-centric logistics can also streamline operations and improve customer service because containers are unloaded, checked, stored, picked and distributed from a single port based location. As a result, customers benefit from lower costs, shorter lead times, a more efficient supply chain, reduced carbon footprint and cost-effective logistics and distribution.

To make managing your supply chain simple, companies offering port-centric logistics, such as John Good, utilise innovative warehouse management systems to ensure seamless handling of goods from start to finish, from unloading and storage to pick and pack for onward distribution. This gives customers peace of mind that their products are in safe hands and gives customers complete control and traceability of their stock in real-time.

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